Character Creation

Characters for the starting campaign are created using a point-buy system. You get 25 Stat points to spend on stats and 3 Char points to spend on classes, races, traits, feats, alignments and starting experience.

Basically, everyone starts as a human or half-orc 1st level commoner but you can spend points to start as a better class or a different race.

Spending the 3 Char points:

It costs 1/2 point to start as dwarf, half-elf or halfling, 1 point to start as gnome or elf, 1.5 points to start as some other Core or Base race and 2 points plus GM approval to start as something else.

It costs 1/2 point to start as Expert, Warrior or Adept; 1 point to start as Aristocrat (which comes with a free trait of Nobility), 1 point to start as standard Pathfinder Core class or Gunslinger, 1.5 points for any other base class, and 2 points plus GM approval to start as some class from some other book.

GM may assign a negative trait and/or experience point debt for really oddball races or classes.

(Starting NPC class levels can be converted to PC class levels at the cost of 1000 experience points which can be taken as debt. This can be done after 2nd level is achieved.)

An extra trait costs 1/2 point, an extra starting feat costs 1 point (one only) and starting at 1000 experience points costs 1/2 point, but you can buy that twice if you like. Traits and feats from other than the Pathfinder core or base books or P6Codex cost double.

It costs 1 Char point or 1 Stat point to start as any Evil alignment but you get a bonus 500 experience points and a negative trait (GM choice) as well.

It costs 2 Char points to buy an extra Stat point so you can start at 26 Stat points if you wish.

You can buy an extra 1/2 Char point by taking a negative trait with GM approval but if you do, you can’t also buy an extra Stat point.

Stat points are spent according to the rules on Page 16 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. You can convert one Stat point to one Char point but one only.

Starting wealth, characters get stuff and coins to begin with according to following table:

Amount Classes
50 gp Monks, Commoners
100 gp Druids, Sorcerers, Wizards, Adepts
150 gp Barbarians, Bards, Other
200 gp Cleric, Rogue, Experts
250 gp Fighters, Paladins, Rangers, Gunslingers, Aristocrats

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