Allowed races for beginning characters are the ones in Pathfinder Core Rules.

Dwarf – A few dwarves live and work in Josner, more operate a goldmine in the Hobbey Hills northeast of the Black-Eyed Valley. They have a stronghold there called Dwerrokeep.

Elf – There are no elves living in the valley but there may be a few in the forests nearby or visiting their half-elf kin.

Gnome – A handful of gnomes live in the valley and the Hobbey Hills, mining and working with the saltpeter found in caves in the region. Many of them live in Boomervil.

Half-Elf – Half-elves operate the vineyards and orchards northwest of Josner. The hamlets of [[Vintney] and [Gantly]] are where the half-elves trade.

Half-OrcManlings, as local half-orcs are known, are more than half the population of Manlinger and about 1/4 the population of the whole valley.

Halfling – Halfling crofters are scattered around the foothills of the Fairwynde Mountains northwest of Josner; they raise mushrooms and turkeys, mostly. They have a tiny hamlet of their own called Stotham.

Human – Humans are more than 60% of the population of the valley and 90% of Josner. A third of all local humans have a touch of Orcblood (as a free bonus trait for PCs).


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