First Aid

Within ten minutes of the end of an encounter, a First Aid roll may be made on any character who has taken damage. Only one first aid roll can be made for each person who has taken damage but others may assist using the assist rules.

The First Aid roll is a Heal skill check with the following bonuses which also apply to skill rolls to assist:

+5 if the Healer has healing magic on their spell list, whether they know or can cast the spells or not.


+2 if the Healer has d10 or d12 sided hit dice and actually has ranks in the heal skill.

You can’t qualify for both bonuses which Paladins or Rangers could easily do.

If the heal skill check is successful, the Healer may roll a d4 for how many points of Hit Points are healed. Wounds may also be healed with First Aid: on a natural 20 on the Heal check, 1 point of Wounds are healed; and/or a Heal check that succeeds by 10 or more also heals 1 point of Wounds. Wounds healed are in addition to Hits healed.

It takes two minutes to do such a Heal check for the healer, the assistants and the person healed. You can take 10 without assistance in one minute. Taking 20 takes 10 minutes.

First Aid

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