Experience levels in the Gildenor campaign are a bit non-standard.

Level Experience Total
1 0
2 3000
3 8000
4 15000
5 24000
6 35000

Advancement for Player Characters ends at 6th level but feats can be purchased instead. After achieving 6th level characters can purchase any feats they meet the prerequisites for, one feat for each extra 5000 experience points. For each 5 feats so purchased, characters qualify for buying an epic feat (see reference below). After 10 feats are purchased, the cost goes up to 10,000 experience points per feat and the character may purchase a signature feat for each 10 feats purchased (see reference below).

Here’s the reference: P6 Codex

We’re playing with these rule mods except where I say we ain’t. :) The cost of feats in the p6codex is too high so I’m using my rules above.

See also: Character Creation


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